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  Lives in Australia
  As above!
  Rotel RA-02 integrated amp
DIY designed 2 and a half way speakers with Vifa dual concentric super tweeter and 2 Peerless HDS 5 inch woofers. Series crossover.
DIY subwoofer 200 watts RMS amplifier, 12" Peerless XLS woofer.
Sony DVPNS780 SACD/DVD player

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Writing SACD's
September 30, 2004
I can't see this changing as Sony seems very relucant to open any copy-right loop holes and lose control over copyright. ... more
Fidelity of older recordings
September 30, 2004
I guess people have become very intrenched in the sound characteristics of these older recordings. I guess they would find it strange to hear the uncompressed versions of these recordings! I suppose it comes down to an individuals choice regarding their purchases. If an SACD recording of something which sounds awful is released then I'm sure the ... more
New speakers....what should I get?
September 30, 2004
Hello, I'm a newby here so go gentle on me please! With regards to your speaker selection, I know others have mentioned the point about using a speaker specifically designed with a super-tweeter. Assuming your SACD player and amplifier is of a broadband type (most decent ones are these days), it would seem a good idea to choose speakers which ... more