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What's a good abbreviation for
May 16, 2015
Well they called their best ever player SCD-XA5400ES ... more
DSD to Analog with SCD-XA5400ES
June 15, 2011
It was Digimas, but I would'nt recommend them, they messed me around. But I didn't care that much, I wanted it so bad! Perhaps I'm being a little bit harsh on them, I don't think they had sold international before. It's a bit of a lottery. I think it's important they speak English or at least understand it. Or you speak German. Sound out the other ... more
DSD to Analog with SCD-XA5400ES
June 13, 2011
Hi Joster, If you still want to go multi channel, the Sony STR-DA5500ES is still available, in Germany at least. I bought mine at an Australian auction site well after Sony stopped selling them here. I actually bought my SCD-XA5400ES from h-online in Germany too. HATS and DSD rules! ... more
A Challenge for the redoubtable Kal Rubinson
September 24, 2010
Yeah, sucks. Australia too. I ordered one from Germany and it's just landed in my city. Delivery very soon. The European voltage wouldn't suit you, though. ... more
Affordable MCH amp with direct DSD input through HDMI?
April 16, 2010
List of AV Receivers & Pre/Pros with Pure DSD to Analog Processing ... more