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The future of SACD in 2006
January 27, 2006
It has been mentioned earlier but there really needs to be more software released. I have a Pioneer 686a dvd player which I bought specifically for SACD and watching dvd's (of course). I have been thinking that since I love my music and as a better source for the rest of my equipment, Bryston 3BSST etc, that I should buy a new player. In the end I ... more
Adelaide Ring to be released on SACD
December 30, 2005
I just saw on the Melba site that is due to be released in 2006. No mention of SACD though. ... more
Adelaide Ring to be released on SACD
December 18, 2004
I had other commitments which meant that I could not attend (along with needing money to get there from Brisbane). So when I read this I was very excited. It would be great to see a DVD to be able to watch as well. Especially since what was on stage had a lot to do with the money spent. ... more
Discussion: The Piano - OST
October 11, 2004
Hi All, I see that The Piano is available on SACD. But also this year it was remastered and rereleased on CD. I am not sure which would actually be better to get? Anyone seen any info about it? ... more