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Discussion: Steely Dan: Aja
September 10, 2010
Compare it to Madman or Yellow Brick Road SACD and tell which one is better. You can buy Captain Fantastic from Amazon for $17.00 ... more
Discussion: Steely Dan: Aja
September 9, 2010
Very impressive resume! We may have a common reference. You have Elton John SACDs; which ones? Captain Fantastic is the best one I have compared to Madman and Yellow Brick Road which are slightly inferior. If you have Captain Fantastic; how does it compare to your Aja SHM CD? if you say it's equivalent then I'm going to start bitching!! As I ... more
Discussion: Steely Dan: Aja
September 9, 2010
sordidman: I just finished listening to Aja for the third time. I wanted to concentrate on all of its qualities and try to find something that wasn’t right. From what I just heard, if it wasn’t for recording compression, if I added bit of imagination, I was close to being at the live event without an audience. If you’ve never been to a live ... more
Discussion: Steely Dan: Aja
September 8, 2010
sordidman: On one of your posts you stated the music, “is closed-in, overly smooth, has the "wrong" pacing”. By saying “closed in” would lead me to believe the sound stage was very constrained or almost mono in its quality. My sound stage and imaging was normal, it had depth, I was able to pinpoint the location of the instruments. Most of the lead ... more
Discussion: Steely Dan: Aja
September 7, 2010
Yes, rude is an accurate way of putting it; but it wasn't meant to be that way. Most of the posts here seem to bash each other instead of offering constructive info. There is a possibility that the batch run of AJA SHM-SACDs containing yours could be defective. As any manufacturing operation isn't 100% perfect; your's could very well be ... more