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Caro Mitis
January 21, 2014
Thanks for kind words. We'll try hard! ... more
Caro Mitis
January 19, 2014
To all: Caro Mitis is alive, passing through tough times, though. The next titles to be released are : Telemann Complete Orchestral Suites vol. 5/Pratum Integrum (featuring Mark Bennett, natural trumpet), Biber Rosary Sonatas/Dmitry Sinkovsky (2 disks), Beethoven Piano Sonatas vol. 7/Tchetuev. The next round of releases will include Telemann ... more
Taneyev and Alexandrov on Caro Mitis
August 30, 2012
Victor has no relation to Stanislav, sorry :-) ... more
Taneyev and Alexandrov on Caro Mitis
May 31, 2012
They should have it by now. There is a reason for the delay: SONY DADC made a bad mistake, printing the first release (portion) of vol. 6, so they needed to get all the disks back to the factory and re-release them. ... more
Taneyev and Alexandrov on Caro Mitis
May 31, 2012
Thanks for the kind words. To say frankly, the concept of the album (ellaborated by Victor and myself) prevented us to include more Taneev's piano pieces - those two are clearly the best. We could easily add a couple of Alexandrov's piano works but then the album would have become unbalanced. BTW, forget about Bunin's age - he performed all the ... more