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Discussion: White Night, Impressions of Norwegian folk music
January 8, 2012
Not sure this at all shines any light, and please delete if this type of posting is not allowed. The concept of this release is rare if not unique, and it deserves kudos even if most listeners will like some parts of it better than others. Thousands of recordings have featured music inspired by the body of traditional music labeled, ... more
Most-ever reissued album on SACD
September 25, 2011
I think the record labels reissue and reissue and are simply waiting for traction. Reasonable. I mean, they knew SO well how to launch, market and nurture SACD. Can't recall, was Flubber a laboratory accident? Perhaps they're waiting for an event which has already occurred? I do wonder what goes on during a typical day at, say, Sony, for example. ... more
what sacd's are getting high bids on ebay?
September 25, 2011
Cannot add much in the way of interest or value to this thread but I almost never bid on nor buy out-of-print SACDs as the titles I failed to get when in print seem to command $100 and more. These include Sarah Brightman-Eden, Talk Talk-Spirit of Eden, Texas-Careful What You Wish For and Peter Gabriel ("Car"). Had I not lost my primary income, I ... more
Presumably The Wall for February 2012!
May 22, 2011
Per EMI, while the Immersion box editions of DSOTM (27 Sep.) and WYWH (07 Nov.) will include one Blu-ray disc, the same edition of The Wall (28 Feb.) will consist of six CDs and one DVD. Is it safe to assume the reality of The Wall on SACD will hinge on the success or failure of the WYWH SACD (07 Nov.)? While the bulk of the current EMI Pink ... more
Which artist or album would YOU like to see released on SA-CD?
May 24, 2010
Yes, well, I like Fogelberg too, but I already knew I was a goner when I made the decision to list her album. God wants me to ask if you've heard the album? I think it's far & away different from anything else she's released. Besides, it only stands to reason the Devil would have all the best tunes. Your response recalled to my mind a scene from ... more