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Sting: Sacred Love        (1 of 4 found this review helpful)
  April 30, 2004

"Sacred Love" on SACD is further proof that audiophiles have lousy taste in music. I'm sure the DSD encoding offers superb imaging, a wide soundstage and unparalelled audio fidelity of Sting's new-age whale music. Thanks, but I'd rather listen to my mangled cassette of "London Calling" on a ... more
  February 13, 2004

This is one of Ryan Adams' weaker albums, although he's such a gifted songwriter it's still worth an occasional listen. No complaints about the sound quality- it sounds warm, deep and fairly life-like in my 2-channel setup. As already mentioned, the fantastic bonus disc that came with early ... more

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How many SACD's does the average user's have????
March 6, 2004
I have exactly 1 (one!) SACD after buying my player last month. The record labels' target demographic of SACD buyer is obviously the 40+ crowd as seen in the wealth of titles buy such universally-panned crapburgers as Toto, Sting, Air Supply, etc. These releases may please the soccer-moms out there, but if Sony and their cohorts want this format to ... more
DSD converted to PCM by budget SACD players
February 18, 2004
I recently found this review of the Pioneer DV-563A SACD/DVD player at ". . . while the Sony processes the native DSD signal, the Pioneer converts DSD to PCM before processing. Pioneer does this to save the cost of making a player that includes two processors. While this may have a slight ... more
indie-rock recommendations
February 15, 2004
Can anyone recommend some indie-rock titles on SACD? Aside from Death Cab for Cutie, I've found zilch. Or even some non-adultcontemporary rock suggestions would be welcome. ... more