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Discussion: Mahler: Symphony No. 2 - Bernstein
June 29, 2014
there is a difference between studio master and production master tapes. Your entire post is based on the assumption that only production masters are available (which might very well be wrong). If multi miked studio master tapes are available, a lot more possiblilities are there. and who says early 60s columbia recordings are 3 ... more
high quality download
April 2, 2014
hd surround track download is very encouraging. ... more
Chandos X Series
December 6, 2013
Just speculating here (just like most of us post here anyway). Very good chance that those were recorded in higher sampling rate (say 50kHz ). If so, 24/96 remastering and then back to 16/44.1 bit mapping process might improve the sound. Or they might have simply re-mixed studio master with better results. ... more
Avoid this SACD, it sucks...
June 21, 2013
I'll add. Gergiev's Scheherazade. You'll drown in a sea of echoes. Exciting performance though. ... more
Discussion: Bach: The Six Cello Suites - Casals
March 28, 2013
Doesn't matter when Magnetophon was introduced. HMV was using wax well until 1940s. ... more