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How many of you are - actually - SACD-ONLY buyers???
January 15, 2009
Hi Robert. I have about two dozen BIS discs, of which five are SA-CDs. I would not have purchased the Nielsen and Aho clarinet concertos, Faure and Durufle Requiems, or Suzuki's Bach Mass in B-Minor if they were only RBCDs. And of course I wish all the Aho discs were SA-CDs! The Luosto is magnificent! The SQ of all your discs is superb. And ... more
Discs of the Year
January 12, 2009
The disc is "Nordic Spell," not "Nordic Voices." And it is a CD, not SA-CD. Sorry, my mistake. It includes Aho, Tomasson, and Lindberg flute concertos. ... more
Discs of the Year
January 12, 2009
Whilst not all may be new, these are the best SA-CDs I purchased in 2008: Aho - Symphony No. 12 (Storgards/Lahti SO/BIS) Aho and Nielsen - Clarinet Concertos (Frost/Vanska/Lahti SO/BIS) Bach - Brandenburg Concertos (Fasolis/I Barocchosti/Arts Music) Bach - Mass in B-Minor (Suzuki/BCJ/BIS) Bach - Six Suites for Cello (Suzuki/Deutsche Harmonia ... more
Stereophile "Recording of the Month" (December)
December 5, 2008
If all you want is Kal's column, you can read it online, as I do. Saves lots of trees, too. ... more
Discussion: Tchaikovsky: Violin Concerto - Fischer, Kreizberg
November 11, 2008
Thanks for your response. I have the CD of Chung with Dutoit and the Montreal SO and have been wondering if it is worth getting the Fischer version. ... more