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  Mike Sandyck
  Marantz DV7001 + SR8002
B&W M1 (7x) + PV1 sub in 7.1 home cinema setup
same sub + Tannoy Mercury MkII in 2.1 hifi setup

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SACD / DSD via HDMI-- what's the skinny?
March 11, 2008
After some digging and experimenting found that I failed to hold to my own principle of not trusting the equipment's manuals for tech details ... The Marantz DV7001 manual claims it doesn't support SACD output over HDMI, only direct analog output, and it's got HMDI v1.2. The AV receiver SR8002 has HDMI 1.3a, and the manual claims it does support ... more
SACD / DSD via HDMI-- what's the skinny?
March 5, 2008
I'll need to dig to find where I got the DSD over HDMI only as of v1.3a, but I'm pretty certain that on any versions below, you'll get linear PCM (LPCM over the HDMI link), ie the one bit mentioned in Wikipedia. On Hifi News, I only "found" them last summer, so I have no reference as to what came before. Comparing with what else I find in the ... more
SACD / DSD via HDMI-- what's the skinny?
March 4, 2008
A very fascinating thread, but it seems to go a bit awry of reality. Check out real equipment tests like in Hifi News Now those are real world measurements to compare equipment, next to a reviewers opinion. In my book my own two ears still rule my spending. Technical note: it's got to be HDMI v1.3a at least (latest ... more