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  Classical music 'nut' and have attended 100s of concerts.
  Aughton in Lancashire
  marantz sa700 sacd/amp combo and Monitor Audio Bronze speakers

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Discussion: Beethoven: Symphonies Nos. 1-9 - Haitink
June 30, 2007
And you can get this set for £19 at the moment in the HMV sale - one of the bargains of all time?? (I have no connections to HMV by the way...) ... more
Audience applause
June 30, 2007
Does anyone else share my frustration with the habit of fading out audience applause after just a few seconds?? This may strike many as a minor and irrelevent quibble but I find that it considerably diminishes the listening experience - it is so unnatural. Although I prefer no applause, if it has to be there then why not record it in its entirity ... more
Discussion: Richard Strauss: Josephs Legende - Fischer
June 23, 2007
Thanks kansub - I was so concerned that I have even wondered if there is in fact a stereo only SACD channel on the disc (as referred to on this forum in a thread started by putmess). On my player the display indicates (in very small letters) CD or SACD and can be switched by depressing the Sound Mode button - but tere still remains a small ... more
Discussion: Elgar: Symphony No. 3 - Paul Daniel
June 23, 2007
Thank-you Castor for such an enthusiastic review - I own the Davis version but will now seek out this Naxos SACD version as I havn't ever really been convinced by Elgar 3 (whereas 1 and especially 2 are constantly played). ... more
Discussion: Richard Strauss: Josephs Legende - Fischer
June 23, 2007
Bought this CD at HMV in Statford (had been visiting to watch King Lear and was the only SACD in the shop I considered worthy to buy as a momento of my visit - was aware it had received Disc of the Month in Gramophone) but I have to say I am somewhat disappointed with it. The sound is to my ears a let down - there is little to distinguish between ... more