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  Mike Kulfan
  Phoenix, Arizona
  Parasound electronics (pre-amp processor and amp)
Parasound cd changer
Pioneer DV-47 Universal Player
Paradigm Studio 60 Main speakers
Paradigm Studio CC450 Center speaker
M&K 700 Sub
M&K SS150 THX Surrounds
Panamax Power Center
Monster speaker, video, digital and audio cables

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Pink Floyd: Dark Side of the Moon        (1 of 3 found this review helpful)
  October 14, 2003

I can only be amazed that 30 years later "Dark Side of the Moon" would sell in the quantities and at the pace it has with the release of this SACD. Now if they would hustle up and bring us "Wish You Were Here" and "The Wall"
Jeff Beck: Blow by Blow      (0 of 1 found this review helpful)
  October 14, 2003

It's always a case of individual taste when it comes to music. When I first listened to "Blow by "Blow I had a hard time with it. I would play a couple of songs and then set it aside for a few months. But, as the years have past this has become a stronger and stronger performance for me. It's a ... more
Muddy Waters: Folk Singer      (1 of 3 found this review helpful)
  October 14, 2003

I'm sorry. I absolutely love this disc. One of the greatest blues performances ever recorded as far as I am concerned. However this SACD as far as I am concerned is sonically dull. I don't know if another master was used or if it was remixed, but the Mo Fi gold disc and the Chess remaster have more ... more
Bob Belden: Black Dahlia        (1 of 2 found this review helpful)
  October 13, 2003

Absolutely wonderful music. This was just a curiosity throw-in for me when I was buying John Coltrane, "Blue Trane" and Norah Jones. Well sonically this turned out to be the very best by far. The music is mood fixing meeting its intent to place you in the dark streets of 1930's LA. This disc excites ... more

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DigiPak vs. Jewel plastic case
November 1, 2003
I purchased 50 of the Super Jewel Boxes. They haven't arrived yet though. I went to the Super Jewel Box site and found out they make three versions. First there is the SACD jewel box, the DVD-Audio version, and a still larger version for DVD-Video that matches the size of current packaging for DVD-Video. I may have jumped the gun on the purchase ... more
Discussion: Santana: Caravanserai
October 14, 2003
Are you certain this is an SACD? What is a JSACD (Japanese maybe)? I can only hope that Sony/Columbia might do justice to the Santana catalog and reissue the entire lot with many of them being in surround. ... more
DigiPak vs. Jewel plastic case
October 14, 2003
Yes it is a small dilemma. From an artistic standpoint I preper the digipaks. The original cover artwork, which I prize on older titles, is more closely reproduced. However, wear and tear will take its toll on the digipak versus the super jewel box. Additionally, if the center "spindle" on the digipak breaks, what do you do then? You're stuck with ... more