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Discussion: Mahler: Symphony No. 5 - San Francisco/Michael Tilson Thomas
November 19, 2006
There must be some kind of tweaking done by the sound engineers for the San Francisco Symphony's performances recorded for CD, because at this moment I'm listening to that orchestra perform Shostakovich's Symphony No. 15 as captured live for broadcasting, and the sound is rather tinny and even somewhat unpleasant. If I had an equally poor ... more
The Rite of Spring from DG and Salonen
November 12, 2006
I came across the following brief critique of DG's CD of Salonen/LA Philharmonic from someone named David Stearns. A web search of his name indicated he's a music reviewer for a newspaper in Philadelphia, and that he's written about acoustical matters ever since a concert hall opened in his city several years ... more
The Rite of Spring from DG and Salonen
October 22, 2006
Your comment came to mind, but in my case an opposite reaction to yours, as I was listening to the orchestra led by Michael Tilson Thomas perform the composition by Shostakovich. The sound was so murky and uninvolving that I found myself losing interest and becoming even sort of fatigued after listening to several minutes of it. I'm beginning to ... more
The Rite of Spring from DG and Salonen
October 22, 2006
Just for a running account of what I'm listening to right now, it's the San Francisco Symphony's performance of Shostakovich: Symphony No. 9, and, again, the sound in their hall really lessens the pleasure of the music, at least for me. And, no, it's not due to my stereo equipment or the broadcast medium, because, by contrast, and using the exact ... more
The Rite of Spring from DG and Salonen
October 22, 2006
I'm currently listening to a radio broadcast of the San Francisco Symphony and the acoustic just isn't that appealing. It's interesting in that some of the sound I'm hearing right now is different from what a CD of that same orchestra conveys, but the intrinsic characteristics are the same in both. That is, the sound is rather distant with not a ... more