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any U2 fans out there?!
April 3, 2006
This among so many rock albums would be a dream come true, along with led zeppelin, the beatles, the band, mahavishnu orchestra, tony williams lifetime, the smiths, jeff buckley, i could go on forever... Go to and bring it up on it's forum. A few of these big names could probably breathe life in sacd! ... more
sacd players
February 23, 2006
Hi all, does any one have any recommendations for an sacd player in the $1000 range? ... more
miles davis bitches brew sacd?
November 15, 2005
thanks claude and mknappe. I think i'm gonna get it. Its one of my favorite albums. ... more
miles davis bitches brew sacd?
November 14, 2005
I came across a japanese import of bitches brew on the internet, selling for $50, but on the sony sacd page they have bitches brew "x"ed out. Does anyone own this, or know if it's legit? Hows the sound quality? ... more
confuse about carmen fantasia sacd
October 21, 2005
zeus: Thanks. I have a very cheap sony sacd player, and there does not seem to be any sonic differences. Maye when I start to spend some money will the differences between psm and dsd be uncovered. Any suggestions for bargain players? Aslo, I heave been following the release of Genesis' "The Lamb..." for sacd, and i came across an interview where ... more