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  Ramesh Nair
  part time medic;
Reviewing Preferences: Primarily, Western classical post 1750
Secondary: Traditional art music from India, China and South East Asia.
  Auckland, New Zealand
  Oppo BDP 105( stereo, direct into power amp)
Esoteric K-07(direct into power amp)
Ayon Triton 3 PA ( 4 pairs Tungsol KT-150s )
Chario Academy 3 jr (would have been a better floorstander if they spent as much on the crossover as they did on the solid walnut joinery) circa 1997 [ the current replacement for this in the Chario line is the Academy Sovran as reviewed in 'Stereophile magazine' ]
Cables : I/C Wireworld Gold eclipse series 5 [ solid silver conductors via Ohno continuous casting ]
Speaker : Straightwire virtuoso [ silver coated copper ] & Wireworld silver eclipse series 3+[ solid silver, non-Ohno ] as biwire
AC : Tara Resolution Reference 2 [ on SACD player ], Wireworld Electra, JPS Digital AC
'Dan A Digital' support ( Australian made lump of wood even thicker than John Howard's hide) on Target rack;

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  March 29, 2014

Note : See correction appended to the bottom of this review! At last, two of the most vaunted Beethoven sonata performances in the catalogue make it to SACD! Emil Gilels and Sviatoslav Richter were two of the earliest musicians allowed by the Soviet authorities to tour the West, from about the ... more
  June 16, 2010

This is a surprisingly effective disc, which I'm rating highly for the simple reason that I've found it very enjoyable on repeated listening. A piano teacher friend also concurs. However, my high ranking is based on what this disc seeks to achieve, and these goals do not include the best possible ... more
  October 25, 2009

The historically focussed Tahra label have placed music lovers in their debt by releasing Furtwängler's last concert performance of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony on a 24 bit/192 kHz remastering of the original mono tapes. This is one of the greatest recorded performances of any Beethoven symphony, in a ... more
  August 20, 2009

These upbeat ten original compositions comprise a free jazz based, world music fusion collection for a quintet of varying instruments. As is the case with the eclectic 'Songlines' label, this release should appeal not only to those with an interest in jazz or approachable classical contemporary ... more
  June 28, 2009

Review of both the SACD and bluray discs in stereo. I very much enjoyed the earlier Mozart/Grieg SACD from this source, finding the recording exemplary and the performances as fine as the Sviatoslav Richter/ Leonskaja CD of similar repertoire. The lavish new 2L production contains a hybrid ... more

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Horowitz: Historic Return to Carnegie Hall: 4 Hybrid Stereo SACD Boxset
November 30, 2015
I bought the 41 CD + DVD [ H on TV, 1968 ] set 'H live at Cernegie Hall' when it came out. This has the 2CD 'unedited' concert, which apparently was first released in 2003. There's no info in the box set about the remasterings, except the note published and copyright 2013. The 1965 return notes state the remastering is by Andreas Mayer. I guess ... more
November 9, 2015
Not yet, but due for release next month is the Quartetto Italiano's complete recordings in the Universal stable. This seems to include their early mono recordings. The LP pictured of D87 and the Rosamunde was the first Schubert chamber music LP I ever bought; performances of great refinement without any sacrifice in passion. ... more
New Warner Reissues
October 4, 2015
I note that Warner in Japan have released SACDs of the classic Klemperer Brahms Symphonies/Overtures, along with his 1955 or so Beethoven 5 & 7. Due in December is Mahler's Knaben Wunderhorn Szell/DF-D/Schwarzkopf, along with Klemperer's Bruckner 6. I'm very fond of these last two recordings. I bought the recent Jansons Bruckner 6 and 7, mainly as ... more
GLENN GOULD 'Sony High-Resolution USB Edition'
September 23, 2015
Is the new site covering USB drives with high-res content? From the advertising available on this future release, I can't find the resolution level offered for the contents, but it looks substantially cheaper per unit than the several Sony Gould hybrid SACDs which I have, despite the latter's comprehensive liner notes in Japanese script only. ... more
Discussion: Chopin: Nocturnes, Vol. 1 - Rubinstein
June 22, 2015
When the RCA SACD reissues were curtailed, I bought the 2010 bargain box of Rubinstein's stereo Chopin. These 2010 releases have '24 bit remastering' claimed on the box, as opposed to the 20 bit on the full Rubinstein edition. Last year I bought RCA Japan's Rubinstein Chopin stereo nocturnes, sonatas, waltzes and mazurkas. These were released in ... more