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  Jud McCranie
  Software developer (applications for Windows). Amateur musician. Music lover.
  Brunswick, GA, USA
  Main system (dedicated music room, the only one that plays SACDs, all 2-channel stereo):

Sony SCD-C2000ES CD/SACD player
Adcom GFP-715 preamp
Adcom GFA-5400 power amp
Paradigm Studio 100 v2 speakers (pair)
Musical Fidelity X-cans headphone amp
Beyerdynamic DT 880 headphones
Sony MDR-V7 headphones

and a bunch of other stuff - mostly recording equipment, TEAC X700R reel to reel, TEAC 2340 4-channel reel to reel, Sony MD deck, Technics turntable (rarely used), JVC cassette deck (rarely used), mixers, mikes, etc

plus a small office system and a system hooked up to the TV and DVD-video.

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May 6, 2005
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May 6, 2005
I didn't state it, but I think that only hundreds is an inpediment to the large-scale acceptance of SACDs. DSOTM is so popular that I thought that a lot more people would jump on the SACD bandwagon. As far as the Beatles, I think that something like that would go a long way, but I may be wrong, given the results for DSOTM. SACD isn't going to ... more
Reviews....How Short ...or...How Long?
May 5, 2005
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May 5, 2005
This is a quote from the MusicDirect catalog, about Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" SACD: "... over 30 million copies of this album have been sold ... The news of this reissue was literally enough to force hundreds of audiophiles to rush out and buy an SACD player!" 30 million copies sold, and only hundreds of people got an SACD player ... more
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April 25, 2005
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