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  Roel van Gils
  Job: Technical engineer at the Meta Sound Studios (film & post-production facility)
Musician playing: (double) bass, Chapman Stick
  Philips DVD963SA with "Van Medevoort" modification
Pioneer VSX-D2011S multichannel receiver
Dynaudio 122 (L/R), 122C (C), 40 (Ls/Rs)
MJ Acoustics Pro 50 subwoofer
Tascam DA-20 DAT recorder

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  July 1, 2003

Outstanding musicians, good recordings and beautiful music. All in one package. This is an album that suits music in surround very well. It proofs that hard positioned instruments in a surround setup can work. Outstanding!!! Recommended...
Ray Brown, Monty Alexander, Russell Malone          (2 of 2 found this review helpful)
  June 30, 2003

Old chaps can swing. Oh, yes they certainly do on this album!!! With just the acoustics from the studio itself. They used a dummy head (Neumann KU-100) as an overall microphone and three separate mic's for close miking. A beautiful, pure and natural recording. The only (very small) disappointment ... more

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