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Rachmaninov SACD Dud
December 11, 2004
From the, "Now why didn't I think of that before?" files... I recently (read: Thanksgiving weekend) picked up a Yamaha DVC6770 multi-disc player (plays CDs, DVDs, DVD-As, and SACDs), as an inexpensive back-up to my Denon DVD-2900. (Incidentally, the Yamaha is a darn good player, espeically for the money.) After being reminded of the peculiar ... more
Rachmaninov SACD Dud
December 10, 2004
What manufacturer(s) are your SACD players? As this thread has noted, it seems to be a specific issue with the Denon series of players, the 2900 and, apparently, the 3910 (see Onebit's posting above). That said, when I suggested the problem was with the "whole production run," I meant the production run of the MLP Rachmaninoff disc. Deathstroke ... more
Rachmaninov SACD Dud
December 10, 2004
Yes, I did. I'm not sure yet what my response will be. Like you, I am skeptical that the problem is with a specific disc (or discs) and not the whole production run. ... more
Rachmaninov SACD Dud
December 2, 2004
I'm glad to hear that the Rimsky-Korsakov disc works, because I was contemplating purchasing it but for my experience with the Rachmaninoff disc. Also, I guess today was the day for Decca to read their email, because I got a similar reply to my query. Maybe a replacement disc is in the offing...? :-) Mike ... more
Rachmaninov SACD Dud
November 14, 2004
Does anyone know how to calibrate a Denon 2900 (short of sending it in for service)? I can't find anything about it in the manual, and my Internet searches have proved similarly unrewarding. Thanks, Mike ... more