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Handel: Messiah - McCreesh        (3 of 6 found this review helpful)
  November 7, 2004

I must partly disagree with the previous review. A few years ago I read all the stuff about this version being just satisfactory but in no means the "millenium version". So, though I have always had a very good opinion of the Grabieli Consort and Players, mainly for their reconstruction of Spanish ... more

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Sony Masterworks Heritage Series due for SACD release?
October 18, 2006
Glad to see you too Leo!!! It seems to me that the Living Stereo Series must have been much of a success, at least here in Spain. But perhaps I only see a minor corner of the market, and worldwide, and particularly in the US, the LS series has not been that success. I agree that that should have given Sony a good indicator as to the market ... more
Sony Masterworks Heritage Series due for SACD release?
October 17, 2006
It's been over a year since the last post in this thread, and we haven't seen the Sony's Masterwors series on SACD. Instead, Sony has prefered to launch the series on CD. Does it mean that Sony definitely withdraw from SACD? os is it rather that they will wait and see how people react before launching the SACD versions? Cheers ... more