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  New to SACD. Generally, I like records more than regular CDs, but I am truly enjoying the few SACDs I have heard (Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones, Michael Tilson Thomas' Mahler). I may even like SACD more than records. But I'm wondering if I'm going to *need* to buy a multichannel setup. I hadn't wanted to, but it's not clear if every hybrid SACD contains a stereo SACD/DSD mix on the SACD layer.
  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  AMC 3050a stereo integrated amplifier
Sony SCD-CE595 SACD player
Paradigm Atoms (2 so far, and hoping to stay with stereo)

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Your ultimate SACD new releases - 3 wishes
December 12, 2004
The Beatles, in the American versions, done as two-fers, like the Beach Boys. Linda Ronstadt. The entire Miles Davis catalog. ... more
Digital vs. Vinyl
December 11, 2004
I'm one of those people. I'd *much* rather listen to music at home than put up with the other members of an audience, their perfume, their extraneous noise, etc. Also, the audiophile ideal that the only music worth listening to either is or approximates unamplified instruments in a concert hall is the absolute height of bogosity. ... more
Sony SCD-CE595
December 11, 2004
Before I bought the unit, I would have agreed with you. I'd never owned a carousel CD player before. Surprisingly, I enjoy this aspect of it much more than I would have anticipated. I find I like to play three discs at a time (my attention span doesn't go as far as five discs). Also, it's nice to be able to not get up and change discs while ... more
Sony SCD-CE595
December 11, 2004
I leave my amp and SACD player on all the time. ... more
Digital vs. Vinyl
December 10, 2004
I completely agree. I've only been listening to SACD for six weeks, and feel it combines the best features of CD and LP. I know I've had a real conversion, because when I came across a shopping cart filled with three boxes of old vinyl yesterday that someone had left behind when they moved, I only went through the first couple of inches. I wish ... more