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"DSD 2 ch only" on AV receiver
April 30, 2015
I sincerely apologize with all of you. While I was trying other features of my equipment I noticed that the 5.0 SACD does NOT play in multichannel but only in stereo unless the receiver is in Dolby Pro Logic II mode. I was sure that when I first tried that SACD the receiver was in Pure Direct mode, but it seems that I was wrong. I'm new to all of ... more
"DSD 2 ch only" on AV receiver
April 30, 2015
Unlike Dolby and DTS, there is no DSD light or icon. The word "DSD" appears as text on the display for a few seconds only when the signal is received, as happens with any other signal. What happens to the 2ch and the multichannel DSD if I send it through the 2ch analog output? ... more
"DSD 2 ch only" on AV receiver
April 28, 2015
Thank you all. This is the answer from Pioneer: "If the display shows 'DSD' the signal can't be PCM. Furthermore VSX-324 doesn't have a display indication for DSD. Probably yours is a different model, which should justify the fact that the display shows DSD and sound comes from all the speakers when playing multichannel DSD." I wrote again noting ... more
"DSD 2 ch only" on AV receiver
April 27, 2015
Claude, the receiver display indicates "DSD", both with 2 ch SACDs and multichannel ones. If the player outputs PCM (as a result of a conversion from DSD), shouldn't the receiver display indicate "PCM"? ... more
"DSD 2 ch only" on AV receiver
April 23, 2015
Thank you all! The statement on my manual is exactly the same as that of the VSX-424-K one. The receiver display shows "DSD" when I play the 5.0 SACD, which is obviously the same things that happens when I play a 2 ch SACD. Should I think that the manual gives the wrong information? I wrote to Pioneer to ask for help. Anyway, what kind of ... more