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  Varese Sarabande -

Jerry Goldsmith
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Review by peteyspambucket October 15, 2004 (4 of 4 found this review helpful)
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I have the great pleasure to report that this is one of Goldsmith's most satisfying music in many years. It is through and through AWESOME, with the action music style that he used in the 70's and 80's for Capricorn One, First Blood, Outland, The Wind and the Lion, and Total Recall, and the grandiose style that he found for Legend, First Knight, The Last Castle, and Lionheart. But yet, the music is entirely original and fresh, and while not derivative of any other composers or of his own work, it has the trademarks of his greatest musical compositions. When you hear the majestic main theme, and the incredible 11 minute battle sequence (track 13), your jaw will drop.

The 5.1 mix is great. The bass is amazingly captured, and the brass is so lifelike and full. An amazing amount of clarity and transparency has been achieved so that you can hear all the detail.

I would love to see a release of this movie on DVD with Goldsmith's music married to the action. I bet it would change the entire complexion of the movie.

This is such an incredibly fitting bookend to Goldsmith's illustrious career, and this is a score that I will always cherish. I think you will love this music as well. This receives my highest recommendation.

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Review by sledge19 October 16, 2005 (3 of 3 found this review helpful)
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Jerry Goldsmith’s last score was not used for the movie it was intended for. After the testscreening, “Timeline” had to be re-edited. Goldsmith supposedly did not want to alter his score, so the film was rescored and this work was named “music inspired by the film”.

Already the first seconds listening leave no doubt about the sound quality: it is just excellent! DSD technology at its best. The same crew (Goldsmith, Hollywood Symphony and Bruce Botnick - recording & mixing) was also responsible for the outstanding "Star Trek Nemesis" SACD. In my opinion, the sonics are even slightly better than "Nemesis". The brass sounds great, the orchestra is forceful and the sound is dynamic and crisp. The multichannel mix (full range on all 5 channels) is outperforming the superb stereo track and putting all speakers to good use. Once again, the center channel is effectively used. Remark: The recording took place in a studio and sounds a little bit “dry” compared to recordings in real orchestra halls, where there is usually more ambiance - but that is not meant negatively.

Rating the soundtrack itself is much more difficult and a mixed bag. The soundtrack offers two main themes and I do like one and dislike the other. I tried, but even after a while, I could not get myself to like the haunting horn theme (fanfare or call to arms?), which is introduced in track #3 and unfortunately pops up every now and then. The other main theme is Goldsmith at his best. For example it is romantically arranged in track #8 (@ 1:10) and track #14 or powerfully in track #12 (@ 1:00) and reminds me of "Executive Decision".

By the way: compared to the booklet, the tracks on the SACD seem to be a little bit rearranged. The SACD text states track #9 as “Ambushed”, track #10 as “Setting Up” and track #11 as “Be Careful”.

My favorites on this soundtrack are “Cornflakes”, “Move On”, “Greek Fire”, “Prepare for Battle/Victory for Us” and “To my Friends”.

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