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  Allman Brothers Band: Eat a Peach
  "Eat a Peach"

Allman Brothers Band
Track listing:
  1. Ain't Wastin Time No More
2. Les Brers in A Minor
3. Melissa
4. Mountain Jam
5. One Way Out
6. Trouble No More
7. Stand Back
8. Blue Sky
9. Little martha
Recording type:
Recording info:

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Review by DCP October 7, 2006 (6 of 6 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:    
*This is a hybrid SACD - Below are reviews for the Multi-channel & Stereo layers only. The CD layer is not reviewed.

**The Allman Brothers - Eat a Peach**

What can be said about this album that hasn't already been said? This is one of those classic, must have albums. With its southern-flavored, blues rock, impromptu jams and heavily loaded set list, this meaty album satisfies. Now, fully realized on SACD, this work from the brothers Allman, really shines.
So, what does it sound like?

**Multi-Channel Review**
The mutli channel tracks on this SACD are very detailed, open and airy. Subtle nuances can be heard, along with complex guitar layering. The surround channels are used to varying degrees of ambiance and/or instrument location. It is very subtle at times, and more prominent at others, but it is vital to this disc. The mid-range is well defined and not muddy at all. It is however a little on the "cool" side. Highs are crisp without being sharp. The vocals, especially Greg's soulful crooning on "One Way Out" are warm, clean and very natural sounding. This reissues lacks only in one department: the low end.
While the low end is certainly there, it won't cause your listening room to thunder. The bass that is there is clean and tight, but a little distant. It has the effect of enhancing that "southern twang" that makes up their signature sound. The minor lack of bass also leaves me wanting for that low-end punch that would drive home powerful tunes like "Stand Back" even more.
Still the multi-mix wraps the listener with sound and details. If your not convinced just listen to "Little Martha", you can actually hear the buzz of the guitar strings. Great stuff.

**Stereo Review**
The stereo portion of this disc is just as you would imagine it: clean, warm, clear and wonderfully imaged. It is the album of yesteryear with today's tech giving it a good spit and polish. If there ever was an album that necessitates the need for a pair of headphones this is it.
While the stereo version sound stage is a little more dense, and therefore more bassy (but not enough! more bass!....excuse me.)it still has an openness to it...and a little distance.

This is a great sounding disc in stereo and especially in multi-channel. This album got a great treatment, and it deserves it. Although it lacks in bass (enough already!) I would definitely recommend this album to anyone.

**Track Standouts**

"Mountain Jam"
"Blue Sky"
"Little Martha"

PROS - Great multi mix, clarity and detail.
CONS - Bass is lacking. A little thin sounding.


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Review by analogue February 20, 2009 (3 of 3 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:  
Classic rock album. Excellent sacd transfer. Some peole complain of the tape hiss but I would argue it that with good equipment this would not be a burden. I listen to all tracks with excellent headphones and and I have no complaints. The sound of this sacd is terrific and the musicianship is clearly evident. The mixing might be different from the original album but it's nothing to worry about. Songs that really stand out..... Melissa has powerful bass so watch out for room reverb. The acoustic guitar sounds great too.
Blue sky is the warmest in feel and the guitar playing is flawless. and One way out is great to rock to.

Mountain Jam is a killer. The double drum solo sounds real and the guitar interplay between Betts and Allman is unbelievable. I never tire of this really long's incredible.
There is a little more hiss and tape wear on Little Martha.

Greg's soulful voice is done justice too. It comes across with a fairly strong presence.

If you are a fan of this album from way back I am...then it's a no brainer. Buy wont be sorry.

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Review by FivePointOne September 15, 2004 (3 of 3 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
If you like this album, you'll definitely have to get this SACD. Giving the Allman Brothers the multi-channel treatment is a big, big plus. Greg's voice over there, Duane's guitar over here, Dicky's guitar over that way, and a solid rhythm section spread over the spectrum. I'll tell you, I had reservations getting this after reading some folks' posts comparing this to the MoFi gold CD or the Whatchamacallit 180-gram vinyl version. B.S.! For the 15 people out there with those, good for you. For the rest of us who loved this album, this is great!

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