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  Universal (Japan) -
  Holst: The Planets - Ozawa
  Holst: The Planets

New England Conservatory Choir
Boston Symphony Orchestra
Seiji Ozawa
Track listing:
  Classical - Orchestral
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Review by analogue June 29, 2015 (5 of 7 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
1979/ 49 minutes/ 7 tracks

How does one review a great classical piece from the past when everyone has different opinions as to what constitutes said piece sounding great?? There are so many famous classical pieces that are hungered for. Think Carmina Burana, Vivaldi's four seasons...Beethoven's 9th or his Pastoral. The opinions are so varied as to the greatest recordings and performances. It is futile to even speculate.

I would write a review by dividing commentary into two separate parts. 1) I would describe the conductors take on the work.
2) I would review the sound quality of the recording. Fans would do well to accept that there are no definitive performances of these works.

Ozawa, being his own person will definitely have his own beliefs as to how to group the orchestra and how the 7 tracks will sound. The listener may pick up subtle differences that he/ she may not have heard by other conductors recording the same piece. Is Ozawa Boult or Previn??? Will his version sound like theirs?? Nope.
I like this performance and perhaps you might as well. This version is light years ahead of the Chandos sacd and far superior to the Sony version by Bernstein.

The sound quality of this Shm Sacd is very, very good. I found this recording to be vivid, airy and completely transparent. While I have not heard every single recorded performance of this famous work (who has??) I can state of the four or five versions I own on sacd......this sacd sounds best. My second favorite would be the Mofi sacd conducted by Susskind. The Mofi sacd is most excellent with a very analogue sound that is warm and deep. This new sacd however is incredibly open and alive. So many recordings are pushed back into the mix that it is frustrating. Not so with this new sacd. As I mentioned. It is very vivid and the clarity is outstanding.

Oddly...the packaging of this sacd is exactly like the first wave of Shm Sacds and not like the recent mini lps. Go figure.

I highly recommend this shm sacd. It is an excellent recording and performance. It must be played loudly.
I am not saying this is the greatest performance ever put on tape. No one can answer that question or make that statement. I can state that the recording is outstanding and offers great openness and transparency that is thrilling to hear.

Thus far this is my all time best sacd of the Planets.

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Gustav Holst - The Planets