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Discussion: Stan Getz and Joao Gilberto: Getz/Gilberto

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Post by rammiepie October 9, 2011 (1 of 21)
An interesting side note regarding this now in stock Analogue Production stereo SACD.

According to AP, the channels were reversed on ALL prior releases and they have indeed accessed the original analogue master tapes, unused since 1980, and have thankfully rectified the anomaly.

Whether the recent Universal/Japan SHM~SACD has corrected this anomaly is anyone's guess.

I own the original domestic Universal SACD and will be looking forward to adding this hopefully definitive version to my SACD library.

Post by rammiepie October 9, 2011 (2 of 21)
BTW, totally irrelevant to this thread: While I was on Acoustic Sound's website, I checked out the current pricing and availability of the Playback Design MPS~5 SACD/CD (stereo only) player.

It is available on special order for US $17K.........

If one does the math that's equivalent to 34 OPPO BD~93 Universal BD Players or a fully loaded Smart Car Convertible ($17,360).

Yoza, Yoza!

Post by Discspinner October 10, 2011 (3 of 21)
They did a fantastic job on the remaster. Wine sales are gonna go through the roof! Such a great atmosphere from this music.

Post by Ernani71 November 22, 2011 (4 of 21)
The last sacd release had a "dog whistle" that actually hurt my ears. Had to get rid of it. Does this one still have it?

Post by undertone June 28, 2013 (5 of 21)
Ernani71 said:

The last sacd release had a "dog whistle" that actually hurt my ears. Had to get rid of it. Does this one still have it?

No dog whistle! Just marvelous music. The Analogue Productions SACD was mastered from the actual original master two-channel tape, and it sounds different from earlier transfers. I just compared it to the Mobile Fidelity gold CD release, which itself was a good mastering job, but done from a duplicate tape, not the original.

Post by Iain June 28, 2013 (6 of 21)
Funnily, I was listening to this a couple of days ago off my 2-channel player.

I used to have the original mint LP in the late 1990's, that I paid quite a bit for. This sounds significantly better.

AP (Sterling Sound) did a wonderful remastering of it. Quite impressed.

Post by Bobpaule July 9, 2013 (7 of 21)
I have a Verve records Getz/Gilberto disc, I think it may be the same as this, but I fell in love with the music and vocals right away.

Awesome music, timeless really!

Post by douglasadeacon July 12, 2013 (8 of 21)
From reading all on here it would appear that this is the best of the four SACD issues of this classic album. Would I be correct ?

Post by Claude July 12, 2013 (9 of 21)
I have only compared this SACD with the first Verve SACD release. It seems to be a flat transfer from the master tapes, while the Verve disc has artificially boosted upper treble, which give the illusion of higher detail at first, but lacks realism.

Post by andrei_nz July 14, 2013 (10 of 21)
Very tempted to buy this as I have the (double) lp at 45 rpm. If they have done with the SACD what they have done with the LP it will absolutely fantastic. + 1 on the 'Sale of Wine' comment.

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