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Discussion: Grieg, Svendsen, Hartmann, Reineke: Wind Octets "Leipzig!"

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Post by nucaleena April 18, 2014 (1 of 4)
The previous Academy disc on Lawo was multichannel/stereo, as have been all of Lawo's discs to date. Does anyone know why Lawo went stereo only for this release? It seems an odd decision.

BTW, thanks for the review John.

Post by Lute April 18, 2014 (2 of 4)
I was wondering about that myself. I hope that is not a sign of things to come.

Post by nucaleena April 25, 2014 (3 of 4)
Got a reply from Lawo classics about St/Mch. "Yes some of our releases on SACD are only stereo. The reason that not all are released as multi-channel is due to problems with "noise" (rain, wind, traffic noise + ....... in ambience / rear mics. (Most of our recordings we do in churches.)

They also confirmed that "We will come out with more releases in multi channel sound and all recording we are doing now is recorded in DXD 352.8 Khz."

Post by Lute April 25, 2014 (4 of 4)
Thanks for inquiring about that! Glad to hear they will continue hi-Rez Mch recordings and Mch SACDs.

Noise? Huh... That's interesting. They ought to release one recorded in a storm. The Doors did. ;-)