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Reviews: Tomita: Clair de Lune (Ultimate Edition)

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Review by TheProf February 2, 2013 (4 of 4 found this review helpful)
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A long time devotee to Tomita, this 4 channel quadraphonic edition is much welcomed. The sound is very immersive compared to most multichannel discs, which rely on ambience and reverberation on the rear channels. Here the music is equally spread over 4 speakers. It works perfectly for Tomita as his stereo mixes are ping ponging left and right all the time. It makes more sense in 4 channels. I liked the extra new pieces and extended pieces on the disc, which must have been left off originally due to LP disc space.
I noticed a couple of problems with phasing that caused one or two notes familiar in the old stereo mix to disappear, but other than that i think its the defineative album to have from Tomita. His later works are less Moog and more digital and loose their charm. This from 1974 is the bench mark for the period. More refined than Wendy Carlos, although there is more honesty in her choice of timbre, Tomita's work sets the stage for the next 40 years. A must have, and worth it for the Arabesque at the end of the disc, which is beautiful.

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