Johann Sebastian Bach - French Suite No. 3 in B minor, BWV 814

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Bach: Französische Suiten - Caspar Frantz      
Bach: Französische Suiten Caspar Frantz
Ars Produktion
ARS 38 115
Bach: French Suites - Asperen      
Bach: French Suites Bob van Asperen, harpsichord
Bach: French Suites - Mayako Sone      
Bach: French Suites BWV 812-817 Mayako Sone (harpsichord)
Bach: French Suites, Italian Concerto - Francesco Cera      
Bach: French Suites BWV 812-817, Italian Concerto in F major BWV 971, Fantasia and Fugue in A minor BWV 904 Francesco Cera (harpsichord)
Arts Music
Bach: The French Suites (Complete) & Overture in the French Style - Glenn Gould      
Bach: The French Suites (Complete) & Overture in the French Style Glenn Gould
Sony Classical (Japan)
Bach: The French Suites 1 - 3, Praeludium in B minor & Passacaglia in C minor      
Bach, Johann Sebastian: Praeludium XXIV in B minor BWV 869, Suite 1 in D minor BWV 812, Suite 2 in C minor BWV 813, Suite 3 in B minor BWV 814, Passacaglia in C minor BWV 582 Mika Väyrynen (accordion)
Alba Records
ABCD 346
Braiding Bach - Andreas Woyke      
Johann Sebastian Bach, Andreas Woyke Andreas Woyke (piano)
Ars Produktion
ARS 38 036