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Anne Roos: A Light in the Forest      
"A Light in the Forest - The Secrets of the Forest and What May Actually Dwell Within" Anne Roos (Celtic harp) Dorothy A. Hawkinson (fiddle, hardingfele) Char Berta (flute, tenor recorder, alto recorder, whistle) Alan Fuller (guitars, cittern) Michael Frost (viola) Chris Caswell (percussion, ... more
Cambria Music
Blade Runner (soundtrack)      
Blade Runner (soundtrack) Vangelis
Audio Fidelity
AFZ 154
Dan & the Electros: It's Never Too Late      
"It's Never Too Late" Dan & the Electros
Opus 3
SACD 22091
David Elias: Crossing        
"Crossing" David Elias (acoustic guitar, vocal, harmonica) Sally Van Meter (Weissenborn guitar, dobro) Matt Flinner (mandolin) Eric Thorin (upright bass) Eric Moon (keyboards, accordian) Marc Dalio (drums) Chris Kee (upright bass) David Philips (pedal steel) John Harvard (electric guitar) Peter ... more
Sketti Sandwich Productions
SSP 1661
Eleanor McEvoy: Love Must Be Tough      
"Love Must Be Tough" Eleanor McEvoy
Mosco Disc

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