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Discussion: Wagner: Der Ring - Solti
October 21, 2014
Of course, everyone will have a different perspective on this but I for one will be delighted to get hold of a Hi-Res verison of the Solti Ring for less than $100. To me that's great value, and I can also dispose of the LPs at long last! ... more
BIS thread
May 19, 2014
I agree regarding the Wrigglesworth. The No.15 extract played on the radio seemed to capture the spirit of the music. I look forward to playing it at home. ... more
BIS thread
March 21, 2014
Robert, I see that you have a download out of Thomas Ades' Violin Concerto (Herresthal/Manze). Are there plans to release this on SACD. I hope so, as its a very fine work and deserves a good recording. David PS. I love the recent Jacobean Lute Music - thanks! ... more
WHY SACD FORMAT is not dead according to Alan Sircom
March 19, 2014
Yes, the BBC CD review on Saturday morning regularly features SACD discs. In recent weeks we have had favourable reviews of Aho, Gardner's Mendelssohn, Haitink's Bruckner, Dausgaard's Schubert, Jennifer Pike and James Macmillan etc. The presenter (Andrew McGregor) will say if its a SACD after each review, and from time to time refers to the quality ... more