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New SACD Player, SACD recommendation?
February 10, 2014
Some people here seem to know everything, even without experiment. I have only to to write "perhaps" or "it might be" and I get accused of dogmatism. ... more
New SACD Player, SACD recommendation?
February 9, 2014
Perhaps it's the other way round. If you spent £500,000 on a system (which is possible: A.L.E horns, Kondo etc.) you might find that RB sounded better than SACD, other things being equal. This is why, back in the 1980s that some people honestly thought that CDs sounded better than LPs. Record turntables are expensive to make and most people had ... more
Peter Qvortup
February 4, 2014
Serious or "classical" music didn't just stop, it faded gradually during the 1960s and 1970s - a period that coincided with the rise of mass pop-culture and anti-authoritarian challenges (in social and political areas as well as the arts) to existing orthodoxies. Painting as an art form died at the same time and was replaced by "performance art". ... more
Peter Qvortup
February 1, 2014
Thank you canonical that's what I wanted to know. ... more
Peter Qvortup
January 31, 2014
Don't forget, I'm English. ... more