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  Glen Cassan

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The Pretenders: Pretenders        (2 of 3 found this review helpful)
  December 17, 2014

Just to expand on the previous review when the we talk about " crunch down " what were really talking about is playback volume. In the case of the Pretenders SACD, I found that the volume needed a pretty big boost in order to generally match the playback of the majority of my SACD's. Were looking at ... more

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SHM~SACD anti~tweak ALERT!
May 13, 2015
Exact same thing happened to me when I tried to clean the surface of my SHM-SACD of THE WHO SINGLES. It broke in 2 pieces. I ended up re-buying the disc. SO, TAKE THIS AS A WARNING. THESE DISCS CAN BREAK VERY EASILY !!!!!!!!!! ... more
Best Of The Doors 4.0 QUAD coming to SACD in June courtesy of Audio Fidelity
April 12, 2015
I have all six (6)of the previous multi-channel Doors SACDs but as you know, THE DOORS and STRANGE DAYS have minimal surround effect, especially THE DOORS which was basically 3 channel sound. STRANGE DAYS was slightly better but not by much. The other four (4)SACD titles showed more surround sound effect on some songs. I've never heard the QUAD ... more
SHM~SACD Reissues: Problems?
December 10, 2014
ATTENTION ANALOGUE: Would you kindly provide a list of the re-issued SHM-SACD titles that you purchased ?? Regards blurayisking ... more
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June 30, 2013
Now reached 70 SACD's including 11 SHM-SACD. ... more
How many SACD's does the average user's have????
April 28, 2013
I'm presently at 60 (all pop-rock) ... more