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  Rudi vanhamme
  Just a ordinary hifi lover
  I live in Belgium,flanders part,province Limburg near the city Hasselt
  Long time,more than 25 years,hifi lover.One of my first sets was Quad 33,303 and fm tuner with audioprofesional speakers.The father of these speakers is still active.The Syntese series are still in production.
They where always my favorits,but my budget that time.....My speakers today are based on the Syntese I,but rebuild with thiel units.I was early on sacd,have a collection off more then 200 sacd,s today.I see now that some early and rare sacd have a good value.My first sacd player was Philipis 963Sa with Vm modification,later a swodoba player based on a sony and now the Dcs P8iMKII,the only Dcs i can afford,but a GREAT player.Togheter with a masterclock "GRIMM".Sometimes direct to 2x211 power amps,sometimes i use TVC reference C-core made by Promitheus.
I use the Dcs also as a Dac in combination with a oppo blue ray player for home theater and sreaming,but all in Stereo only........for pics look to my web link,many nice sets there from the dutch parts off europe....recently a Verdi-Purcell-delius combo took the place from the p8i

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Dcs P8i MKII
September 2, 2014
have somebody expierence with firewire 1394 cables on dCS systems here? ... more
Dcs P8i MKII
September 1, 2014
Verdi-Purcell-Delius combo now took the p8i place.Still with the Grimm master clock. And yes its a great upgrade in sound,but more complex in using...... Now also extern digital signal can be upsample to DSD,special for watching video big step forwards..... ... more
Dcs P8i MKII
May 18, 2013
Now togheter with a masterclock from Grimm.As masterclock and for oppo blue ray player as slave..... ... more
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July 15, 2012
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not on sacd,but you realy want.....
July 5, 2012
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