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  Hector Garcia
  Irvine, CA
  Home Theater Main Setup:
Samsung PN60F5300 60" Plasma HDTV
Denon AVR-4311CI Reciever
Oppo BDP-105 Universal Player
Wharfedale Evo2-30 Towers - Fronts
Wharfedale Evo2 Center Channel
Wharfedale Evo2-8 Bookshelves - Rears
REL T2 - Subwoofer
TiVo Premiere
Rega RP-1 Turntable
Rega Fono Mini A2D MM Phono Stage

Bedroom Setup:
Samsung LNT-4069FX/XXA 40" LCD HDTV
Denon AVR-788 Reciever
Yamaha DVD-S2500(for SACD playback)
Wharfedale Evo2-20 - Fronts
Wharfedale Modus Music Center
Wharfedale Diamond IV - Rears
Wharfedale MovieStar 50 Subwoofer
Pioneer LD-717 Laser Disc Player
Sony PlayStation 3

Computer Gear:
3rd Gen Core i7 3770 CPU
E-MU 1212m 192K/24Bit Audio Sound and Capture Card
Yamaha HTR-5950 Reciever
Wharfedale Diamond 7.1 Bookshelves
Denon DVD-2900 SACD/DVDA Player
Windows 8 Professional 64-Bit
Software: JRiver 17 Media Player, Sonar 4 (to capture LP rips at 192K/24Bit), ClickRepair and DeNoise (to clean LP rips a bit), Audacity (to breakup, label, and covert .WAVs to Level 8 FLACs), HD-Audio Solo Ultra

Toshiba Satallite Core i7 Laptop
Win 8 Pro 64-bit
HRT microstreamer DAC/Head-Amp

Portable Gear:
Street Use
FiiO E12 Mont Blanc Poratable Amp
FiiO X3
Cardas 6in Mini to Mini cable
Gym or Running
Cowon J3 32GB Digital Audio Player
FiiO E7 Portable USB DAC and Headphone Amplifier

Headphones Gear:
Sennheiser HD650 (home headphone)
Sennheiser Amperior (Street use)
Sennheiser Momentum Black (Street use)
Sennheiser PX 360 (My Wife's Street can)
Sennheiser HD 449 (My Workout can)
Sennheiser HD 429 (Wife's Workout can)
Sennheiser HD 598 (Office can. Coming Soon.)
Fiio E9 Desktop Headphone Amp

Car Audio:
Stock 1-CD headunit on 2010 Ford Fusion w/ Sync
Pioneer Premier TS-C520PRS Component Speakers (Front)
Pioneer TS-D802P 6"x8" 2-Way Speakers (Rear Door)
Pioneer Premier PRS-D4200F 4-Ch Car Amplifier (running the speakers above in 2-Ch)
Kicker TS10L52 10" Solo-Baric L5 Sub
Kicker 08ZX500.1 Mono Amp

Near Future - For Portable Setup:

3rd Gen Core i5 or i7 Laptop
Audioquest - Dragonfly, E-MU 0204, or E-MU 0404 USB Headphone Amp/DAC

Farthest Future:
Wharfedale Jade 7 Tower Speakers
Wharfedale Jade 3 Bookshelf Speakers x 2 pairs
Wharfedale Jade C2 Center

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Recommendations of replacement SACD/DVDA/CD players
July 1, 2013
I figure that the PS3 with its NetFlix app via HDMI would handle any unlikely BD viewing and more likely Netflix viewing, which should sound good since it would be equalized by Audessey. I like the setup and love the prices better. Got the Denon DVD-2900 for $36 and the Modus Music center for $70, so very good deal especially on the player ... more
Recommendations of replacement SACD/DVDA/CD players
July 1, 2013
Maybe next year, I'll pop for a 103...i wouldn't mind getting a set Wharfedale Diamond 7.2 Special editions which can be bi-amped. Maybe I'll get the 2 as an early upgrade. ... more
Recommendations of replacement SACD/DVDA/CD players
July 1, 2013
I decided on the Denon DVD-2900, for having audio capabilities that are supposed to be on par with the Denon 3910. I also own a Yamaha S2500 and Oppo 105 and a Oppo DVD-980H. Comparing the 980 to the Yam S2500 and Den 290 I can say safely that the SQ from the S2500 and 2900 analog to my Denon AVR-788 soundly beat the analog out of the 980H; but the ... more
Recommendations of replacement SACD/DVDA/CD players
June 27, 2013
Hello all. As my main gear, I have an Oppo BDP-105 in my living room as my main player and I love it love it love it. I love how I can dedicate one HDMI port (which does video better on most things) to just video output directly to my TV and a second HDMI port to my Denon AVR-4311 for digital audio processing via Audessey XT32 (and sometimes to ... more
Best sub for music for around $300-$400?
July 28, 2012
NVM on suggesting a place to buy one, I have found a couple of spots that sell the PDR-10 and its newer version, the PDR-100. I have not found a place to buy the PDR-8, but did find a few spots to buy the PDR-80. Thus far, I think I am most interested (in this order): 1) Emotiva X-ref 10 for $399 2) Paradigm PDRs 3) Energy ESW-M8 4) Wharfedale ... more