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HDMI versus 5.1 plug connection
December 18, 2010
I have a Pioneer DV-48AV DVD player that also handles SACD. The audio can be output through an HDMI connector, but it also has 5.1 RCA plug output. My receiver will handle either input. The manual states that HDMI will handle 5.1 SACD. However, the manual also mentions "If your AV receiver has 5.1 channel analog inputs, we recommend connecting ... more
Help with Blu-Ray/SACD player
October 25, 2010
For now, replacing the TV isn't in the cards. Does HDMI output actually provide a better image than component video output? I don't recall that there is a resolution difference, but make no claims of expertise in this area! ... more
Help with Blu-Ray/SACD player
October 25, 2010
I received a prompt response from Sony: I'm glad to inform you that the Blu-ray Disc Player has the ability to output signals through HDMI and Component Video jacks at the same time. When connecting both HDMI and Component Video output, please select Output Video Format as Component Video in the Screen Settings of the Player. Thank you for your ... more
Help with Blu-Ray/SACD player
October 24, 2010
Thank you. I did access the owner's manual. It indeed appears that SACD will only be available via HDMI. My previous HDMI experience is that if I output HDMI to the receiver, the receiver will not output video to the TV via component (where I can use it with my HDTV). So, the key question is if the Sony BDP will simultaneously output video to HDMI ... more
Help with Blu-Ray/SACD player
October 24, 2010
I currently use a Pioneer DVD/SACD player with my basement system. This is hooked into an older Sony rear-projection HDTV. This older TV only has component video input and no HDMI input. I'm using an Onkyo receiver that has one set of 7.1 RCA plug audio inputs. I've been involved with AV for about 35 years, but the complexity of inputs and ... more