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An Open Letter to John Atkinson, Editor of Stereophile Magazine
May 18, 2009
Incredibly rude, given that both the author of the article - myself - and John Atkinson have repeatedly stated that the agenda you ascribe to us does not exist. ... more
May 15, 2009
John was not being sloppy, and I was not attacking SACD. I wouldn't have proposed the article in the first place - the second interview I've conducted with Jared btw - if I didn't think he has something important to say and offer. Let's do a reality check. The enticement to read the article on the homepage says: As SACD approaches its 10th ... more
May 15, 2009
Sorry. I have not had the opportunity to do this. Plus, the players would have to be from the same company to make the comparison valid, since quality at any given price range varies widely (if not wildly) from company to company. jason ... more
May 15, 2009
Boys and girls. Please, take some deep breaths. Thanks to Jared Sacks for providing a reality check. I have written a positive, supportive article about SACD that contains, to some, one objectionable comment. Acknowledging what is repeated so often by American audiophiles, and which I have consistently countered in all my news articles on the ... more