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  Oslo, Norway
  A lot of Sony stuff: JA-555ES MiniDisc-recorder, DTS-2000ES DAT-recorder and 5 Channel ANALOG preamplifier.
Yamaha S2700 first generation and Samsung 495 Multi Format DVD-A/SACD player, Samsung BDP-2500 Blu-Ray.
Magnificent Accuphase E207 and Creek Evolution 50A integrated amps.
Loudspeakers Pawel Acoustics PA-2, Hyperion 625,
Vinyl player Hanss Acoustics T-10, with Rega RB-700 tonearm and Dynavector DV-D20 pick-up!

Do now have a 5-channel setup in the living room!
Some vintage stuff to play around with ......

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How does one find REAL multichannel MUSIC recordings?
February 24, 2010
Thanx to all responses, especially this one and those from *rammiepie* and *windsurfer*, they helped me a lot, I must say. Both in good tips for the music I'm interested in (right, not classical) and maybe the way I have to listen to them. I have never done any direct comparisons, since I do not have any music on both CD and SACD, so I cannot tell ... more
How does one find REAL multichannel MUSIC recordings?
February 22, 2010
Hi to all of you music and/or audiofile addicts! I'm starting this new thread 'cause there are over 200 pages with them here at the most respected SACD forum, that it would really take ages for me to find an answer to my question. Not saying there's a lot of interesting topics to read about! By the way; I'm also one of you 'addicts' or 'hifidelity ... more