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creedence clearwater revival sacds at for $17.82
March 9, 2008
didn't see this posted anywhere. so..... i went to after doing a google search for creedence clearwater revival sacds. they were listed as $29.99 there (they say cd as format but if you scroll down the description reads "this hybrid super audio cd will play in all cd players and super audio cd players") but when i added them to my cart ... more
What are your latest surround sound purchase(s)?
December 3, 2007
all of mine are new purchases. but i've made quite a few. lets see what I can remember. sacd: bob dylan: blood on the tracks, desire, bringing it all back home, highway 61 revisited, and blonde on blonde. pink floyd: dark side of the moon johnny cash: at folsom, silver ziggy stardust thriller dvd-a: moody blues: days of future passed stray cats ... more
Amp vs. receiver: What do you use for multichannel amplification?
December 3, 2007
I have an onkyo sr605 that I use for all my a/v components. my ps3 on 1 hdmi input, hd cable box & oppo 980H sacd dvda player on the other (via hdmi switcher), my ipod dock in the dvd input, and my turntable on the aux rca input. it performs exceptionally with all of them (less the oppo which is on its way now). ... more
SACD Enthusiasts...Are There Enough Of Us?
November 30, 2007
not trying to push me away are you? ;-) to be honest, i like the look of this site more. slightly more aesthetically pleasing. ... more
Which artist or album would YOU like to see released on SA-CD?
November 29, 2007
i would like to see any of the clash albums. also some newer irish bands such as flogging molly or dropkick murphys. heck lets say most irish music in general. both instrumental and the barroom variety. ... more