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Discussion: Beethoven: String Quartets Opp. 74 & 95 - Tokyo String Quartet
May 14, 2010
I have a couple of questions about this Beethoven string quartet cycle. First, was the two-disk set of the op 18 quartets ever published in SA-CD format? I have the RBCD version, but can't find any evidence that it was ever released as SA-CD. Second, the Tokyo String Quartet web-site mentions the final set (the late quartets) will be released "this ... more
Musikverein tickets
June 18, 2007
Good question. Since the 07-08 season doesn't begin until Sept, I would imagine this is some sort of pre-season ticket availability (or maybe season subscription?). Unless things have changed, I would certainly imagine that regular tickets would go on sale 30 days prior, as in years past. John ... more
Musikverein tickets
June 4, 2007
For the handful of super-popular operas (Carmen, Barber of Seville, Marriage of Figaro, etc.) it can be quite a madhouse and rather difficult to find tickets. But for others (I've seen Peter Grimes, Eugene Onegin, Italian Girl in Algiers), I haven't had any difficulty. ... more
Musikverein tickets
June 4, 2007
If you want to guarantee that you have a ticket, by all means, plan ahead. That said, I wouldn't sweat it too much, particularly in Nov. I travel to Vienna on occasion and have seen the Vienna Philharmonic a half dozen times. I've been able to get tickets sometimes from the Musikverein website (within their 30-day window). I've also walked into the ... more
Looking for guidance on SACD players...
January 27, 2007
I've acquired a good number of SACD/CD hybrids in my collection of CDs, and am now interested in actually hearing the SACD layers! So I would like to jump into the SACD world and buy a new player. This would be for just a two-channel set-up (at least for a good while). I've seen mention of the Marantz 8001, NAD M5, Music Hall Maverick. And then, of ... more