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  Drew Terry
  Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon - SACD Surround - Best SACD Recording of this Genre - Period.
Should be free with every SACD player sold. System does not sound the same - night & day difference.
This album sounds better on my current system than any system I ever hoped to own in my lifetime. It is that good, only SACD multi that is distant a 2nd is Roxy Music. Brothers in Arms? Okay, but......DSOTM.
  Burlington, VT
  Yamaha Receiver
Cambridge SoundWorks Speakers
Main - Newton 501 Tower Set each with 300W Powered Sub-Woofer
Center - MC500 Front & Rear
Rear Surround - SC300
Front Effects - SC300
Sony DVP-NS975V
Monster Power Center M300

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Pink Floyd: Dark Side of the Moon        (1 of 31 found this review helpful)
  November 19, 2006

Pink Floyd -- "Dark Side of the Moon" -- Note To Reviewers -- Whose limited stage of enlightenment keeps them in the dark and blind to the light of Multi-Ch SACD - since it does not seem to be brought up yet, I will be the first to raise the obvious question to me: Can they do that? Does that ... more

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