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RIAA 2005 Year-End Statistics
April 4, 2006
Hi, I agree, these statistics are useless for anyone who supports SACD. The numbers could be misinterpreted and misused by people, if they are not as suspicious as this forums users. So therefore it would be of the highest interest to dig out more exact statistics concerning the (supposed) SACD growth. Maybe we could become relative growth numbers ... more
RIAA 2005 Year-End Statistics
April 3, 2006
I looked through the RIAA 2005 statistics. CD retail was down 8 %, maybe no surprise. But it also states that SACD was down 41 %! Only 500 000 SACD sold in America last year. Less than 0.1 % compared to CDs. Can this be true? or are they having trouble in keeping apart Hybrid SACDs and ... more
from the Elusive Disc email: list of Universal SACDs going out of print:
March 24, 2006
Today, I bought the Mercury/Starker/Schumann Cello Concerto at the rather modest price of 149 SEK. In Sweden the Mercury SACDs usually cost over 200 SEK (fullprice). Compare that to the Living Stereo SACDs at midprice, 109 SEK. Since the "Byron Janis plays Moussorgsky" also had this lower price, I bought that one too. Later, at home I started to ... more