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  I welcome any recommendation on sonically recommended version (SACD versus XRCD vs any remastered CD vs HDCD vs etc.) of any good piece of jazz, blues or classical music.
  Sarnia, Ontario, Canada
  Accuphase SACD DP-85, Accuphase Amp. E-307 (to be upgraded to A-60 someday), B&W 802N (to be upgraded to 802D soon). A minimalist approach but the sound is like coming from heaven...provided that the recording is of reference quality.

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Accuphase electronics + B&W speakers for SACD playback
November 20, 2005
Max, thank you for your suggestions. Congratulation for assembling such a system as yours - IMHO, it is virtually as good a stero system as one can dream of, specially, if one likes the Accuphase electronics and B&W speakers (as we both do). Your suggestions certainly put a new twist to my plans to upgrade my system. If you do not mind, I would ... more
Accuphase electronics + B&W speakers for SACD playback
November 18, 2005
Is anybody in this forum using Accuphase SACD player with Accuphase electronics to drive B&W speakers? I am looking for a specific advice in picking the right components and accessories, especially from someone who tried different options at the friendly Accuphase dealer. My system consists of DP-85 SACD, E-307 integrated (however using only power ... more