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Discussion: Incubus: A Crow Left of the Murder
October 22, 2004
Why don't you put your review in the review section of the Crow Left of the Murder page, so when others want to read an opinion on it they can find yours. ... more
Quick question for a newbie on
October 22, 2004
Well put and I love that quote! Thanks for the input. ... more
SACD is no longer promoted by Sony?
October 20, 2004
What do you all think of this... ... more
Quick question for a newbie on
October 20, 2004
Let me see if I understand you correctly. The titles that are NOT marked with "DSD" involve taking an original recording which was done in analog or PCM digital (which is the process that most CD's are mastered in???) and simply re-encode it so it will play on an SACD. My question is does that even improve the quality of the music? It seems like ... more
Quick question for a newbie on
October 19, 2004
I've found that uses a very user-friendly icon system to categorize titles. If it's a hybrid SACD, it shows the hybrid symbol. If it doesn't show it it's assumed to be an SACD only title. If it's a multi-channel (surround) title, it will show a little symbol for that, too. What does the DSD symbol mean? Aren't ALL SACD's mastered using ... more