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  Neuklang -
  Adriana Hölszky: Karawane
  Adriana Hölszky: Karawane, Vampirabile, Klaviatur der Mythen

Ensemble V.Act
Percussion Ensemble Stuttgart
Stuttgarter Philharmoniker
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Review by arnaoutchot May 13, 2010 (5 of 5 found this review helpful)
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Even risking to again being awarded zero points for being no helpful reviewer as in Hoelzsky's Tragedia recording, I would like to add a review to this disc, because most likely nobody else will. Again, I am not in a position to assess the musical content. There are no alternative recordings, the music is completely abstract, there is no harmony or melody and only shattered parts of coherent rhythm. "Karawane" ("Caravan" in English) with 27 minutes playing time is the longest piece on the SACD. It is a piece for 12 percussionists sitting and standing in a meticulous 360 degree circle around the listener. And this is it: I have never heard a multichannel recording of this plasticity and directness. The percussionists form threads like a school of fish would, circling around the listener. In addition, there are frightening crashes and beats that might come completely unexpected, especially if you are listening to this recording at a - recommended - high volume level.

The other two pieces "Vampirabile" for 5 vocalists and percussion (remember, Adriana Hoelszky comes from Romania, Dracula's home .... !) and "Klaviatur der Mythen" for 6 percussionists and string orchestra are in the same mood, but not that strong as the first piece.

So everyone not afraid of contemporary abstract noises and a lover of spectacular percussion recording should not hesitate.

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Adriana Hölszky - Karawane
Adriana Hölszky - Klaviatur der Mythen
Adriana Hölszky - Vampirabile