Thread: SACD Enthusiasts...Are There Enough Of Us?

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Post by nucaleena March 13, 2004 (41 of 44) said:

I doubt it. I think it's just beginning to take off. Musical Fidelity sold 500 limited edition hybrid players last year @ $6500 a pop. Imagine how many people will be willing to pick one up for less. I now own 15 (wow) SACD's with a player coming next week, the Marantz SA-14 version 2, a two-channel player. SACD does wonders with large-scale symphonic works. Oh, and the voice. Oh, and the piano. (You get the idea.) A Stereophile writer estimates that there are around 1,000,000 SACD players in homes now. Those people have to buy some software, don't you think?

On the downside, I introduced the topic to my group at Classical Net and was rather surprised by the negative, even suspicious comments so far from veteran collectors. Some believe this is a scam to get people to buy Classical music all over again, or, they don't hear enough of a difference to explore the new technology further. All I know is that massed-strings *finally* sound tolerable! They can go above the staff without spliting atoms in the air of my living room. net

your group of veteran collectors at classical net were probably the same people who swore cd was a passing fad designed just to rid them of their beloved vinyl and make them buy their collections all over again, until they heard a few cds that didn't go snap, crackle and pop. Before that, they probably cried over their shellac, till they actually heard an LP. Stick with your gut feelings and all those new sounds you're hearing and just smile wryly at the thought of all those dinosaurs who can't adapt.

Post by buckshot November 29, 2007 (42 of 44)
new here, first post. i found this old thread interesting. i've wanted to get into sacds for a while (i'm a huge bob dylan fan). it wasn't until i bought a ps3 that i started buying these wonderful discs. i now have about a dozen either on order or in my grubby little hands. i know many ps3 owners who are now interested in sacds because it just one of the many things the ps3 can do.

Post by The Seventh Taylor November 30, 2007 (43 of 44)
If you like SACD on PS3 you may also enjoy this site/forum:

Post by buckshot November 30, 2007 (44 of 44)
The Seventh Taylor said:

If you like SACD on PS3 you may also enjoy this site/forum:

not trying to push me away are you? ;-) to be honest, i like the look of this site more. slightly more aesthetically pleasing.

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