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Post by canonical March 25, 2010 (11 of 21)
I've been impressed by:

Skol: Oscar Peterson, Stephane Grappelli (analogue)
Oscar Peterson, Stephane Grappelli: Skol

Cannonball Adderley: Things are Getting better (analogue)
Cannonball Adderley with Milt Jackson: Things Are Getting Better

Tony Overwater: OP
Tony Overwater: OP

Post by AdrianH March 29, 2010 (12 of 21)
Thanks for the suggestions. However I've already decided on my next disc (and immediately ignored my own advice to keep away from Fantasy).
I've ordered Monk's Music. I would possibly have gone for Straight No Chaser but as it's not a hybrid I would have only be able to play it in one room in the house.
I've been reading some more reviews and I'm getting very tempted by Way Out West from Analogue...

Post by Claude March 29, 2010 (13 of 21)
"Way out west" is plagued by added reverb. I can't recommend it.

The "Monk's music" SACD too doesn't come close to how good the original tapes sound, as can be heard on the Analogue Productions 45rpm LP.

The problem with many jazz reissue reviews posted here, is that people have only heard the SACD and no other version, they think it sounds good and give it 5 stars, making others believe the SACD is the best choice for this album, which is hardly the case with most Fantasy SACDs.

Concerning Analogue Productions, two titles which are a must have are the two Bill Evans Village Vanguard albums:

Bill Evans Trio: Sunday At The Village Vanguard
Bill Evans Trio: Waltz For Debby

Post by AdrianH March 29, 2010 (14 of 21)
The truth is Claude, that I'm rather fumbling around in the dark myself! That's why I very much appreciate everyone's suggestions.
Are you talking about the Analogue release of Way Out West or the Fantasy one? The Analogue one has nothing but positive reviews which is what was getting me tempted.
It's a compromise for me at the moment as I'm just discovering all these great jazz albums and trying to work out which artists I like but I'm also looking for the best possible sound. I'm also on a budget of course.
At the same time as getting some (hopefully) quality SACDs I'm also buzzing around looking for cheap CDs just to hear the albums and see if I like them.
I'll definitely check out Bill Evans soon too.
Cheers, Adrian.

Post by Claude March 29, 2010 (15 of 21)
I mean the Analogue Productions SACD, not the Fantasy Hong Kong (which I haven't heard).

It's not bad, but it's not the best sounding reissue of this title.

Post by Patrick1 March 29, 2010 (16 of 21)
Red Alert, RED ALERT- is is not at all reputable in my opinion (to put it lightly!). Whilst I, and a few frinds, have had many items on order from there, NONE OF THEM EVER ARRIVED, causing complete confusion, aggravation, and mild anger, to say the least. This is just my opinion. Has ANYONE ever successfully purchased an item from them? Thanks.

Post by jakeroux March 29, 2010 (17 of 21)
re DVD4Music - tried to order, failed to receive disc(s). Can't recall if I finally received refund from them or went through credit card dispute process, but they definitely make you work to get your money back when you order and pay for their non-existent stock items. Suspect their little ponzi scheme may have played some part in triggering the global financial collapse of 08-09.

Post by AdrianH March 30, 2010 (18 of 21)
That will be my second attempt to buy Saxophone Colossus down the toilet then...

Post by AdrianH April 13, 2010 (19 of 21)
Well, after three weeks and a couple of emails I've finally received Saxophone Colossus from DVD4music. So they do get there in the end! However I'm not especially impressed that the website gives no indication of whether an item is in stock (if anything at all actually is!) and will probably seek out an online store in the states in future.
I haven't had time to listen to SC yet but I've been playing Monk's Music most of the week. Probably not quite up to the quality of the Analogue SACDs but very close.

Post by Paul Clark April 14, 2010 (20 of 21)
Just an FYI - It is against "VISA" rules if any merchant charges your Visa card before an item is shipped. The bank that issued you your Visa card will, without fail, enter a dispute and remove the charge from your card if a merchant charges you and does not ship immediately.

Be sure to use a Visa card and save all email exchanges for evidence.

I avoid DVD4Music at all cost.

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