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Post by Disbeliever February 23, 2010 (11 of 15)
rammiepie said:

Seventh Taylor, thanks for the heads-up on this disc [Jienat: Mira]. CD baby has it for $27.90 and one can preview the album there and read about how it was recorded. The blu-ray is music only and consists of percussion and voices. Will definitely add this to my world music collection of SACDs. But one thing I must point out is that the TACET real surround series both on DVD-A and SACD (especially the Beethoven Cycle) was recorded with the orchestra arrayed in a circle around the microphones.....I'm sure Beethoven did not have this in mind when he wrote his infamous symphonies and maybe it is a gimmick.....but it sure sounds nice!

If you hear the sound from the rear forget it.

Post by rammiepie February 23, 2010 (12 of 15)
Disbeliever said:

If you hear the sound from the rear forget it.

The only sounds I would venture you could hear from the rear are those of gaseous excretions! You are one living, breathing hot air balloon. POOF!

Post by boompies February 24, 2010 (13 of 15)
jakeroux said:
Judging by the discs you mention, I'm guessing your interest lie primarily in the pop/rock/jazz area. If that is the case, I believe you will find that most pop/rock/jazz titles (excluding performances of live concerts, which tend to use the surrounds for the audience response) which advertise themselves as multichannel, will, indeed, have musical info in all five channels. However, the choices are certainly more limited in these genres (and the discussion and interest on this forum more scarce).

Thanx to all responses, especially this one and those from *rammiepie* and *windsurfer*, they helped me a lot, I must say. Both in good tips for the music I'm interested in (right, not classical) and maybe the way I have to listen to them. I have never done any direct comparisons, since I do not have any music on both CD and SACD, so I cannot tell the difference between a certain take on CD versus SACD.
I will go back to my SACD's to see if I missed those extra 'real life' (and not FAKE) ambient information, but I really have some discs with NO information in those extra channels, which I therefore say are FAKE. There's nothing coming out of those speakers, as far as I can hear. If any artist (especially electronic music ala Alan Parson) uses these rear channels actively, I believe this is only a gain to the overal music experience people CAN have, I'm not predicting anyone to be confused by a multichannel experience. Again, thanx!

Post by Oakland February 24, 2010 (14 of 15)
It looks like you are searching for multi-channel music that has audibly aggressive mixes. And as far as Iím concerned with the right music there is *nothing* wrong with that. Most of the SACDs with aggressive music tend to be pop/rock/soul and based on live concerts I have attended of that genre(s) the aggressive multi-channel mixes far better convey what the artist was looking for far better than two channel can begin to muster.

Below is a list of 6 SACDs that I have commented on (reviewed) here at that I believe best fit the bill.

Ludacris: Chicken & Beer

The Isley Brothers: 3+3

Jazzin' Surround

Marvin Gaye: The Marvin Gaye Collection

Monty Alexander: Monty Meets Sly and Robbie

Earth, Wind & Fire: Gratitude

In addition, I recommend "Brothers in Arms, 20th Anniversary Edition". I plan to submit comments to on this disc after a couple of more listens.

Further, also check out these other two:

The O'Jays: Ship Ahoy

Pink Floyd: Dark Side of the Moon

But also lets be clear, classical music (the genre I most subscribe to) also can be very *demanding* of the center and surround speakers; the workload for all the speakers can be quite substantial. But the difference between the multi-channel mixes of most classical music and that of most pop/rock/soul that I am familiar with is that you generally donít perceive or clearly identify sound coming from the surrounds (unless you make a direct comparison (preferably on-the-fly) with the two-channel content. Then it is starkly obvious that the surrounds are in play and significantly so.

Robert C. Lang

Post by The Seventh Taylor February 25, 2010 (15 of 15)

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