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Post by Windsurfer December 3, 2007 (11 of 13)
Runkeldunk said:
But perhaps sacd was invented for classical music alone.


No, not for classical music alone! SACD was invented to advance the art of music reproduction. That it has made its greatest inroads in the classical field indicates to me that there are that many more discriminating listeners to that kind of music, that's all. It can do spectacularly well with acoustic folk and jazz - but jazz and folk listeners as well as the artists themselves need to become acquainted with high quality sound. Mostly they are not.

I have seen some really pathetic folk recordings on respected labels - those labels were respected only because they recorded some outstanding artists, not because the "engineers" had any idea what to do with a microphone. One of my favorite folk artists is Gordon Bok. His early recordings (1970s !) by Folk Legacy placed his voice in the left channel and his guitar in the right channel. Real professional recording engineers huh? You would have thought that by 1970 people would know better!

These same "haven't got a clue" people continue to make CDs of Folk and Jazz and apparently no one has appraised them either of how to properly make recordings or of the availability of the superior tools and methods now available. So the answer is not many SACDs in genres other than classical.

I will give only two of my recent acquisitions because you might consider branching out a little. Beethoven's 5th symphony is an often heard piece of music that I usually avoid due to over exposure. However it might be a great jumping off place for someone just getting into the field. My recent acquisition is Beethoven: Symphonies Nos. 5 & 8 - Herreweghe, but I also recommend for the sake of comparison and because it is an absolute classic performance of the work, Beethoven: Symphonies Nos. 5 & 7 - Kleiber and that is one to snatch up because it probably will not be available when the present stock is exhausted. The sound of the Herreweghe on PentaTone is markedly superior however.... and that is a VERY interesting interpretation! I would love to hear your impressions of both.

The other, Bach: The Four Great Toccatas and Fugues - E. Power Biggs ,is not a recent acquisition but is an extraordinary recording of some really extraordinary music, again when you hear it you will say oh yeah, I've heard this before - but not played like this. This will give your speakers a real workout in the bass department! The sound is spectacularly lifelike. The music is majestic and so is the recording.

Post by buckshot December 3, 2007 (12 of 13)
all of mine are new purchases. but i've made quite a few. lets see what I can remember.

bob dylan: blood on the tracks, desire, bringing it all back home, highway 61 revisited, and blonde on blonde.
pink floyd: dark side of the moon
johnny cash: at folsom, silver
ziggy stardust

moody blues: days of future passed
stray cats live
jerry lee lewis live

dualdisc: the best of motorhead
back in black
streams of whiskey (the pogues)

crap. there's to many i've ordered that haven't come yet I can't remember what I have coming or even on what format, guess i'll have to check when I get home. but the bob dylan ones aand pink floyd sound great.

Post by Beagle December 4, 2007 (13 of 13)
Windsurfer said: his voice in the left channel and his guitar in the right channel. Real professional recording engineers huh?
Ah Bruce, don't you remember? We used to turn off the right channel to copy down the words, then the left to figure out the chords. Recordings were just another way for us to tap into our fictitious roots.

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