Thread: New Everest SACD Releases in February

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Post by rammiepie February 13, 2014 (31 of 34)
It seems rather obvious that in preparing Corroboree for DVD~A, Classic Records 1999 release also used the 1/2" Masters, as well.....although hard to tell as there is No mention in the booklet accompanying the disc.

As in all tape based mediums, even 35mm was susceptible to oxide flaking/torn sprockets which may account for Classic Record's inability to use those stems.

As in ALL things, nothing lasts forever and the definition of "archival" can indeed be viewed as MOOT!

Post by SACD Hunter February 14, 2014 (32 of 34)
The release date is postponed to March 20, 2014.

Post by Botanico92007 February 24, 2014 (33 of 34)
Here is what seems to be the definitive information on the history and condition of the Everest master tapes.

Click on the 2013 AES presentation, and read the story.

Post by samayoeruorandajin February 22, 2015 (34 of 34)
Bought a couple of these when I was in Japan last month at substantial discount. Going to try them today.

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